Difference between Lino and Padlet
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In Gruppen arbeiten in Zoom
How to create and use Google Forms as a Daily Check in
Setting up a Padlet as a RESOURCE Board
Image de Christian Wiediger
How to download music from YouTube into Adobe Spark or other video creating
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Zoom: Wer schreibt in meinen Bildschirm?
a video on how to use Lesson 1-3 of the Digital Templates
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using POLLS/SURVEYS in the classroom
Infos und Beispiele zun den besten Tools
Digital Templates for Remote Learning, for grades 1-12
Grades 4-5 Learning Guide Template
Grades 6-8 learning guide: Whom to you look up to and why?

9-12, Remote Learning Template, Against the Odds
4-5, Remote Learning Template
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Under Construction
using Polls in the classroom, and how to link it with Google Slides
tips to creating videos! Adobe Spark, Animoto
More features of Poll Everywhere
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